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When I came into this industry 12 years ago I had no idea how much it would grow in such a short period. In 2004 laser was not talked about in Aesthetics school and if it was it wasn’t explained as an option for a career. By 2009 Advanced Esthetics or “Medical Aesthetics” was quickly gaining popularity and lasers were making their mark. (no pun intended).

Combined Modalities or Adjunct Treatments? 

In our zealousness to incorporate new modalities into client treatments, clinicians often ask, “Which modalities can I combine with chemical peels?”

Many of our clients’ skin concerns are related to excessive dead skin cell build-up, a compromised barrier function, wrinkles, acne or discolorations of the skin. To achieve skin wellness, it is necessary to offer a corrective treatment plan that will attain the results that our customer desires, such as a chemical peel.

One must develop a thorough understanding of Melasma to achieve successful treatment outcomes. It is one of the most frustrating conditions for clinicians to treat and even more confusing patient.