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Arrived last night in Charlotte, NC.  Nothing beats Southern hospitality!  Having dinner with our new rep group, I was so appreciative that they had me to their home for a fabulous dinner (amazing carpaccio on a beautiful, frozen pink salt slab that looked like an art piece for starters).

While we all “engage” our customers via social media, and hear about Facebook’s staggering billion dollar IPO, nothing beats face to face contact in business.  Social media will never replace personal interaction and kindness.  Social media will never replace a clean work space, a welcome smile, the aroma of good cooking, essential oils at the spa or a great meal with associates.

How does this equate to you the spa owner or entrepreneur?  Even while growing your business and customer loyalty via social media, continue to ask yourself how you can create “southern hospitality” to your business.  As we all know, “the devil is in the details” Never underestimate these few tips below that, whether you know it outright or not, endear yourself to your valued customers:

Maintain a very clean retail area.

  • Merchandise the inventory on the shelf so that it makes customers want to look at it.
  • Provide a mirror for your guest to try your products and see while they do it.
  • Have a magnifying glass to read the ingredients on your products.
  • Offer something to drink
  • Hire and train knowledgeable front desk person(s), who even if she/he is on the phone, knows how to kindly acknowledge customers and can help push retail sales by educating customers about your spa products.
  • Place nice aromatic diffuser or light candles, so when a customer enters your spa, they feel like they are being transported and can start to relax.
  • Train your Estheticians to remember to limit their personal life stories when working with a guest, and monitor this.
  • Always have clean, fresh reading material in the lobby (not year old People Magazines).

At the end of the day, your business is like a home and it should make guests feel relaxed and comfortable. It reflects your philosophy and communicates your values whether you know it or not.

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