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More often than not I come across Aestheticians and Laser Techs that are very uneasy with the word “sales” and do not believe that selling is or should be part of their job description. In this ever growing industry many owners are looking for people that can sell, that mind set will not only hinder the chances of landing the jobs available but it’s also cheating your client.

Let me explain, when a client comes to you for their skin care needs they are asking and trusting you to help them. If your client has come to you for only a facial or a chemical peel that service is only 30% of their skin health. The other 70% is what they are doing at home to continue their everyday maintenance. So….If you have not educated them properly on what products they need to be taking home with them, you have done your client a huge disservice.

Education is “key” in selling. If you start looking at selling as educating then you will be far less uncomfortable with the idea. If you are educating your client properly then they will not only be using every skin care product you recommend, they will also be adding other services to the list of treatments they will receive.

Every single client that walks through the door should leave with at least 3 products, even the minimalist. Every client needs a good cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF! If they already have these things and love them, then find out everything they’re using and recommend products that will complement the existing ones. Every client is also a candidate for other services you offer. When doing a consult or skin analysis always find out what the clients skin concerns are and address them with all appropriate options. I personally believe every client is a laser client. Whether be it IPL (intense pulsed light), HR (hair reduction), laser resurfacing, skin tightening, or body contouring, all clients have at least one of these concerns. All waxing clients should be upgraded to HR if their skin type and hair color allows and if not, I’m sure they could use a Photo Facial for collagen production if nothing else. If you do not offer laser then your facial client is absolutely a Microderm, Dermaplane, Skin Stamping, Chemical Peel, or Waxing candidate also.

There are many different ways to bring up other services to your client. Many times they open the door for you. Everything should be covered in the consult. If you were unable to bring up everything you offer in your Skin Analysis or Consult, listen for your client to hint to you during their service. They may apologize for their Hairy unshaved legs (HR) or they might mention that they are feeling so old, tired, and crappie (IPL, Skin Tightening, and Resurfacing, chemical peel, micro). You may just start small, before every facial service I perform, I ask the client “is there any waxing you need before we start”? Nine times out of ten they add an eyebrow wax, which can lead into a conversation about Hair Reduction. Your 15 dollar eyebrow wax add-on could lead to a $1000 Laser package. At the least you have a new eyebrow client which might also become a Brazilian client and so on.

In most skin care facilities across the board commission is offered for sales. By not education your clients, you are also cheating yourself out of more business and more money. If you do not help your client find the best way to address all of their skincare and body needs then be assured that someone else will. If you’re still uncomfortable with the thought of educating and selling to your clients then try educating yourself by taking an advanced consultation and or sales course to boost your selling confidence. I highly recommend checking into Clearskin’s advanced consultation workshop lead by Larry Helwig. Happy selling!

(To find out when Larry’s next workshop is, click on the Clearskin link to the right.)

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