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Real men use moisturizer!  Moisturizer is an important final step in your shaving and/or daily skincare regimen.  It helps to soothe the skin and avoid irritation, delivers skin-healing nutrients and helps to restore the skin’s moisture level leaving it hydrated and comfortable.

Most men I speak to use a body lotion to moisturize their face and do not know the difference otherwise.  Any skin care professional will tell you STOP!  More than likely, your face is still dry or you’re getting razor bumps or acne and don’t know why....it’s because you are using BODY lotion on your FACE! Why is this so bad?  Well, first and foremost, body lotions are created for your body, with not only fragrance but with lesser quality ingredients than you would find in a facial moisturizer. Body products are also typically not tested for comedogenicity (pore clogging/acne-causing potential).  So, if you REALLY want an all-in-one solution, I would suggest using your facial moisturizer for your body rather than the opposite.

To get a little more technical, your skin is prone to damage from the daily elements of sun, wind, pollutants, etc. and therefore it needs a product that has antioxidents and  is dedicated to  nourishing and protecting from those harsh encounters.  Most facial moisturizers (when compared to body lotions) include higher percentages or concentration of antioxidents, quality moisturizing agents, and acne fighting ingredients.

If you’re experiencing breakouts or nasty razor bumps after shaving. If you have scaly, itchy, or flaky skin and are currently using your body lotion for your face, more than likely you need to switch to a facial moisturizer. If you are using a body lotion on your face and see no noticeable difference, then maybe you can continue to use your body lotion for now.  I would still advise against this! Over time, you may see the effects of this usage by developing dry skin, sensitive skin, or even adult acne.

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