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Summer can be a very difficult time for a Spa and especially a Med Spa. People are either leaving for the summer, vacationing, busy with kids, or not opting for summer laser due to sun. Finding creative profitable avenues can be very challenging, but there are a couple of ways to boost your summer revenue.


1)      Employ a nail tech, summer might be your slow time but it’s their high volume time, it keeps traffic moving in.


2)      Offer body slimming treatments. If you have the funds for a laser that melts fat then great!  If you can only afford to offer body wraps, that works too. Everyone is body conscious in the summer and neither of these treatments are sun sensitive.


3)      Offer a great special on injectables (summer is the time people see old friends and everyone wants to look their best for that!)


4)      Offer Spray tans (A tan takes off 10 LBS)


5)      Have presale events to sale packages of laser to be started in the fall


6)      Get a hold of the High end hotels in town and offer the concierge an incentive to send vacationers your way. Put  together a low sun sensitivity treatment package for out of towners.


7)      If you have a Doc or nurse on staff host a skin cancer screening event and offer discounted packages to correct sun damage.


No matter what time of the year you must be prepared for ups and downs. Having a plan of attack will put you and your business in the best possible position for success! Have a great summer!

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